Crush The Inner Voice That Wants To Keep You Safe “Mediocre”

high performers are known for their ambition and desire to get stuff done and to turn the imagination into its physical matter, from the invisible to the visible, the modern day alchemists 

What sets them apart from the rest is their determination to play large and slay their inner demons. Powerful and successful people didn’t get to where they are because they made excuses. They achieved their success because they eliminated anything which didn’t serve their vision and were able to get beyond their human limitations.

1. Slay Your Big Goals Into Milestones and Step into Greatness

The lust for instant gratification is alive and well going along as a program in the mind/body to the majority of the population, its what hold people back or puts them back in the position where they started. Maybe you know someone who got a lot of money and then ended up spending it all and back to the same position this is all part of the human condition and it is holding you back from achieving long-term goals. Tap into the power of a mastermind by “chunking” out your goals wither its on a mindmap, notepad or word document, start with the end in mind. Create milestones as you work backwards to your starting point and acknowledge the milestones you hit along the way to keep tabs on your progress.

2. Take Control of Your Thoughts and Emotions To Change Your Life

Thoughts of negativity and doubt create a low vibration around your body and self, this leads to poor thoughts, emotions, actions and results. It is holding you back from quantum jumping into greatness. It’s the angel and devil on your shoulder scenario but you’re letting the devil win. Gain control of your thoughts and change your life by replacing the negativity, people who gossip, anyone in your circle or family and applying tough love in order to protect you. Practive daily mirror work and give gratitude combined with saying words of empowerment and motivation daily, this will increase your self love and vibration. This simple and effective exercise will do the trick:

  1. Identify self-sabotaging thoughts
  2. Write out all of the accompanying beliefs that make that thought true
  3. Reframe your perspective by writing out why you’re capable and deserving of your desires
  4. Read from start to finish

This is one of the powerful leader strategies which is key in recognizing these thoughts immediately and destroying them before they hinder progress.

3. Dive into Opportunities by Taking Massive Action

The most successful people in life didn’t get there by chance or luck, it is through massive imperfect action until the process and systems have been formed started with the neural networks in the brain, where they are today is not because they waited for the perfect moment, they took the plunge and figured it out along the way, jump then learn to fly. If you are wanting to do something but has delayed it because you want it to be ‘perfect’, you’re never going to get going and be able to attract it / achieve it. Successful are no different from you or I, one is more hungry than the other and can move forward inspite of fear. Powerful people recognize opportunity and destroy fears by facing perfectionism head on and taking action.

4. Fuel Your Inner-Self and Create Habits That Serve Your Success

Success is about a balance of choosing between what you want right now and what you want the most. Success people believe that they can have their cake and eat it. If it isn’t serving your big picture vision, eliminate it. If the people in your circle are not supportive find new friends. Ditch the junk food and addictive habits. Look to eat vitality given nutrients and get regular exercise.  High-performance leaders all have one thing in common: their focus on their mind, body and health.

5. Control Your Environment and Invest in Your Mindset

You will never grow to your fullest potential by keeping toxic/negative people in your life. They’re known as vampires that suck the energy from you and do anything to keep you small. If you can’t eliminate them, detach yourself and minimize contact with them. Surround yourself with quality not quantity.

6. Level Up Your Confidence to Live to Your Greatest Potential

If you’re never going after opportunities, you’ll never know what you’re fully capable of. People who play small, settle for unfulfilling lives because complacency sets in. Level up your confidence by taking a leap and unleashing your power to achieve something great.

Stop letting these demons hold you hostage from living out the life you desperately desire. You’re meant for a life so much greater than you’re living. Take action today to crush these soul-sucking limitations and achieve massive growth.

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