it all begins with a decision…

when you understand this, then the process of manifesting is your natural birthright, it’s a governing function embedded within our cellular structure.

Symbolic references in media, Fibonacci sequence in nature and frequency of the earth are not merely an external point of reference.

They are inherent in the finite structure level of our biological makeup so when you hear someone say “in the flow” or “connecting with someone”, “alignment” ” read my mind” its because on an invisible level the DNA and cells are combining as one in a symbiotic way beyond our 5 senses.

So what has this to do with business/ marketing/ life.

One word


Its is all connected, if you are struggling to regain your health its because of lifestyle choices and programming down to a cellular level, same with if your not getting traction in your business, its not because the model doesn’t work ( possibly it does not ) but its because you are not in alignment with the destination you are trying to reach, this could be down to a lack of knowledge, commitment, lifestyle choices etc.

You MUST be very aware, at every moment of the day and night your own self-talk is governing your output, its how you feel that controls you energy and the more energy, the more output, some people are soo far into negative programming that they need something radical to happen to their ( health, finances, loved ones) so they “wake up”

The good news is that it can all change today with a “decision”

**lets jump inn**

Once you agree on a mental picture or scene in your head and you emotionalise it, then your physical body goes into action and performs it.

This goes back to “everything starts in the mind” be present and aware that no matter what you do, you can not do anything without first imaging it first.

Heres an example:

I want you to imagine yourself going to the store to make a purchase….

The first thing you see, is yourself getting the items or things you want in your mind.

You are able to see the vision, process and result, the focus is on the end result ( the item)

You may not realise it but this is visualisation, you see what you want, then you get it done without overthinking because you know the process to get there.

When you start to dream big, you are most likely going to worry, get anxious, doubt yourself because you might assume the vision is not attainable since it’s not as easy as getting up and going to the store like the above example…

Well let me tell you this, it is as easy as that, and then some because this is when you need to drop the pride and ego and surrender to the universe and be open to the people who cross your path, who have been put there to help you, so you can take delivery of your dream and the alignments happen because you got on the frequency of the desire you want to attain, this process will require trust.

Have you ever realised after something has happened that you worried too much and then things fell into place …?

You might have a quick thought about someone then the person appears, or the phone rings with the person or something happens which you can’t explain (call it coincidence) this is a synergy between your thoughts being put into the universe and being answered.

This is only a glimpse into what is possible for you and what the universe is trying to do for you but sometimes, you have to get out of the way, so I ask you to not overthink, worry or stress about the “how”.

I will cover more on that in a later post inside the group. The final closing point of this post is to be consciously aware that you are visualising, imaging and manifesting everything you want and don’t want all day long.

Every single day whether you are aware of it or not, you are creating your reality, so if its not what you want then step out of the way surrender and align with a mentor and watch the universe deliver to you everything you ask for and more.

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